Toyota Yaris concept making its debut in Frankfurt

Toyota yaris Hybrid-R concept will make its entry in a grand arena which is non other than Frankfurt Auto show to be held from September 10 2013 to September 22.Toyota has announced that it will make all measures to celebrate the past achievements and demonstrates the future plans for it in the Automobile Industry by making a big leap in hybrid technology by introducing Toyota Yaris in Frankfurt.
As all of know this Japanese Giant is the pioneer in Hybrid technology.This Yaris is not new .It had made its early debut in Shanghai 2013 autoshow.This Yaris is an three door hatchback variant which will be powered by 1.6 GRE(Global race engine developed by Toyota Motorsport) which was backed by pair of electric motors.

Specifications are yet to be released but Toyota has named that It will be a all wheel drive.Yaris works with the “Regenerative Braking System” and the energy will be stored in Supercapacitor.

Supercapacitor has a high power density along with high recharge and discharge rate.

Along the the concept of Toyota Yaris, Toyota has also planned to showcase FCHV(Fuel cell hybrid vehicle) concept and it was estimated to be launced in 2015.

Is Toyota going green in Frankfurt ?


  • Nayan Goenka
    Nayan Goenka
    Well you can obviously expect Toyota to make a stand in the show. But in the picture, I dont see three doors. Can you post any clear view or is there some other meaning of 3 door car.

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