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@Sophia Diaz • 27 Jan, 2015 • 2 likes
The Japanese manufacturer Toyota started manufacturing the Toyota Etios for the Indian automotive market since 2010. The Etios is a four door car and comes in the form of a sedan or a hatchback. The Etios embodies its meaning in Greek- spirit, ideas and character. The sedan version of the car was launched in India of December 2010 and the hatchback version Etios Liva made its entry in the June of 2011.
Here we will look at some of the features that make the Etios what it is and also the things that make it stand out and those that seem to take the edge off it.

The Positive Features of Toyota Etios

1. The price of the Toyota Etios is quite reasonable for a car of its stature. The price of the base model is Rs. 5.74 lakhs and the top end model is tagged at Rs. 8.17 lakhs. The sedan has been dubbed as a great value for money given its other great features.
2. The mileage of the car in city traffic is quite impressive with the petrol at 16.78kmpl and the diesel at 23.59kmpl.
3. Both the diesel and petrol engines are mated to a 5 speed manual gear box. The diesel variant of the sedan is powered by a 1.4 litre engine and the petrol one by a 1.5 litre engine. The gear shifts are smooth and quick and the diesel engine is quite responsive even in a slow speed. The low kerb weight and the well-spaced gear ratios are what keep Etios in line with its competitors.
4. The Etios revealed a new look with the Etios facelift by adding alloy wheels and rear view mirror with turn indicators. The High end variants also got chrome grille in front to enhance street presence.
5. The central instrument clusters are fairly basic in design and layout but are easy to locate and use.
6. The boot space in the Etios is great at 595 litres. The glove compartment is an impressive 13 litres and there are plenty of storage bins around to hold the little things.
7. The cabin feels huge inside and the front seats have ample leg room. The car can seat five passengers easily with ample leg space. The rear seats are supportive and on the whole quite spacious.
8. The face lifted version of the Etios has a number of great features in the top end models. Noticeable are the height adjustable seats and steering mounted controls.
9. There are dual front airbags, anti-lock braking system with electronic brake force distribution. Also added are, rear parking sensors and seat belt reminders. The dual front airbags are now standard with every variant and this has improved the overall safety feature of the sedan.
10. The suspension set up is well geared for Indian roads, with the surprise bumps and dumps, thanks to the Macpherson struts and also the torsion beam at the front and rear axles. The sedan glides over rough surfaces with a surety not seen in entry level sedans like Mahindra Verito.

The Negatives of Toyota Etios

1. The base model i.e. Toyota Etios J has very basic features compared to the top end model. It only has airbags and power steering and not power windows.
2. The bumper could have benefitted from a better quality material and manufacturing. Also the sound system can be better to enhance the whole driving experience.
3. In spite of the pick-up in slow traffic, the Etios does show strain, when the needle touches the red line and the engine seems to be struggling. Especially on a highway the engine seems to lack power. Compared to its competitor the Amaze or Swift Dzire, this is quite a drawback.
4. Although the Etios tried to improve its look by adding little design details like alloy wheels, turn indicator attached rear view mirror and chrome grille, most of these upgrades are found in the high end models. On the whole the look and design of the car fails to impress and seems old-fashioned compared to newer arrivals like the Hyundai Xcent or the Zest from Tata.
5. The very basic design of the central instrument cluster is quite disappointing in this age of virtual reality and looks a bit out of place in the otherwise spacious cabin. The panel misses the ‘real time fuel efficiency and distance to empty gauge.
6. The sedan can benefit from a better quality dashboard. Also falling short of expectation are the seats. The comfort quotient of the seats is somewhat compromised due to the lack of arm rest and not expected from a Toyota car.
7. The spacious look and feel of the cabin is compromised by the basic design. The cabin design is nowhere near to what one would expect from a car in this segment. The fit of a few things and at places the finish seems to be a bit if a let-down.
8. If you are looking for a luxurious entry level sedan then the Etios (especially the basic variant) is not for you. To get the luxury you have to shell out more and go for the higher end variants of the car. This is especially true for the top end diesel version of the car which is a whopping 8.17 lakhs. You might get a better bargain with the Tata Zest or Swift Dzire.
9. The air conditioning feels fine but lack in automatic climate control even in the top end diesel variant. This is a serious drawback given the heat of India and the way the inside of a car feels especially on a hot summer day.
10. Some owners of the Toyota have complained of noise, vibration and harshness due to the lack of proper insulation. This may be due to the cost cutting in the sound insulation department so as to keep the prices down initially.

Like any other entry level sedan and almost any other car, the Toyota Etios has its positives as well as its drawbacks. The company tried to change the design and the look of the interior with the facelift version in To sum it up nicely the positives of the car are its ride quality, spacious interior, storage space and mileage.
If one can ignore the drawbacks and just focus on the driving experience and the brand value complimented by a good after sales support, then the Toyota Etios is worth buying.

What are your thoughts on Toyota Etios? Share with us in comments below
@Sarathkumar Chandrasekaran • 27 Jan, 2015 • 1 like Thanks for this awesome listout!!!
@selvam gerard • 31 Aug, 2018 • 1 like

Sir where it is suggested for buying the heir end 

@Syed Jaffer • 20 Sep, 2018 • 2 likes

Thanks for this... 

Every information described here is on point as my dad has a Toyota Etios... 

I agree to all these 

@Rajendra Gupta • 23 Nov, 2018 • 2 likes

I am confused as to what should I do, to buy or not to buy. 

@Radhika Deshpande • 24 Nov, 2018

Its your personal choice Rajendra Gupta. Toyota Etios is one of the good vehicle to have. You can compare it with other car on comparison sites available on net. 

All the best.

@jignesh bhatt • 24 Nov, 2018

dont go for doesnt look great and as youre spending good money..look is also cosidarable..go for other choice in that segment..


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