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RandyO • May 26, 2009

Tower Guy Wire engineering

I'm looking for some assistance with tensioning of guy wires on communication towers. Specifically in regard to adjusting for temperature. As some may know, initial tensions are usually set at 60 degrees F. Rarely during an inspection and when tension checks are performed is that the present temperature. In some cases, the tower prints will spell out alternate tensions for given temperatures and one can interpolate to the exact temp. In most cases, one is only left with the initial tensions or is left to use 10% of the breaking strength of the guy wire.

I have found one formula that I have some doubts that take all the factors into account. Basically it uses the cos of the guy angle, modulus of elasticity of the guy, the metallic area of the guy, the coefficient of thermal expansion and the temperature change. If there is anyone doing structural analysis on guyed towers that can assist me in finding the proper formula that I can punch into a spreadsheet, I would appreciate it.


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