20 Feb 2017

To vote or not to vote?

We've municipal corporation elections in the region where I live and I'm thinking whether to vote or not. I know - voting is important and I ought to vote; but looking at the list of candidates, I'm not sure if I'm actually supporting the right candidate. Here are my points -
  • I've never heard anything about any of the candidates who're contesting in my locality
  • They do not have a track record of any development work
  • They have not tried to convince me to vote for them
  • They haven't told me what specific development work they'll do
  • They've relied on their party agenda and star campaigners
  • They expect me to vote in the name of the party
...and none of that appeals to me.

Should I just go and vote; because I must? What if I end up electing wrong person?

To vote or not to vote?

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