• Samsung and Intel have been developing Tizen - the mobile operating system for quite some time now. At the At the Developer Summit in Seoul, Korea, Samsung revealed the Tizen 3.0 OS features. It was also brought to the light that Tizen 2.2.1, the older version of the mobile OS also gets features like privacy control and system framework including option to install the apps in the SD card and firmware download support for framework test tool and Mac OS X. If we look at the history of Tizen, it was born out of Intel and Nokia’s MeeGo and after getting together with Samsung's Bada OS in February 2013 - the open source mobile operating system really became popular.' Till date it is only the Samsung's NX300M smart camera that runs the Tizen OS and it available only in Korea.

    Though not the actual Tizen 3.0 was shown, we now have the features that we can look forward to with the update. So from what's hot - we see that the Tizen 3.0 gets an Updated Core and ToolChain. The upcoming version of Tizen will get multiple user support. Among the slides that were shown at the Summit, it was shown that the there will be 64-bit architecture support on the update. Enthusiasts should note that the Apple iPhone 5s and iPad Air both feature the 64-bit chips. Coming with IA and ARM chips, performance improvements, larger memory address space and more, there's a lot under the wraps with the Tizen OS. Well, a rather interesting feature that was unveiled is that Tizen update comes with 3D UI framework, 3D Rendering Engine for 2D and 3D Objects in the real world and Dynamic Animation Library. There will be support for WayLand based compositor and a Crosswalk - HTML5 based application runtime based on Chromium / Blink.

    The Tizen 3.0 release date is still far away though. The expected date will only be in Q3 2014. And even though there are rumors of a February 2014 launch for the Tizen smartphone, we don't have an official word about it either. Some reports suggest that Samsung will be announcing a Tizen Mobile Lite version designed especially to work on the low-end smartphones. This Lite OS will require a minimum of 256MB of RAM, 512MB ROM, and HVGA or QVGA displays to run.

    We are really excited about the 2014 launches from Samsung. Do you think that the Tizen OS will become a worthy competitor to Google's Android and Apple's iOS? We really look forward to your opinions on the Tizen 3.0 features - share them in the comments.
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  • Abhishek Rawal

    MemberNov 12, 2013

    I think Samsung won't stop selling Android phones as they own 62% of entire Android market.
    Also, I don't think TizenOS is aimed to compete with currently matured OS Android or iOS.I believe it will be competition to Ubuntu Touch who already have released stable build (running on Mir) & On April 2014 they are planning to ship it with phones too.

    I still couldn't understand why Canonicql branched out & started developing Mir (Wayland fork) for the nextgen ubuntu. While entire world is switching to Wayland from X, Ubuntu goes for Mir!
    I know,Canonical aims for one OS that runs on all devices i.e phone,netbook,tabs,etc. But it was possible to find the way out in Wayland,rather than building new one i.e Mir.
    I am more worried about future of Ubuntu than this Mir vs Wayland fight.Because no Ubuntu derivatives i.e mints,x/k/l ubuntu are switching to Mir. Does it means if Canonical stops upstreaming x patches after they switch to Mir, derivatives of ubuntu will die ? 😨
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