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ce_neha • Aug 21, 2009

Time Sharing, Multi-Tasking, Multi-Programming Operating Systems


I am not clear about the differences among time sharing, multitasking and multiprogramming operating systems,please assist!
sookie • Aug 21, 2009
Re: operating system

Multitasking : Multitasking is a method of running several jobs at a time, now jobs can be either in the form of programs, processes, threads , user performing multi tasks(playing songs, working on wordprocessor etc..) at a time in single pc only etc. The main idea behind to do so is better CPU utilization. Several jobs are kept in the memory at a time such that when CPU is busy in execution of one job or task then OS switches over to other job and make it ready to get its next turn for execution by CPU. In this way CPU is used efficiently.

Multiprogramming: When multitasking is just talking about executing multiple programs concurrently then the term multitasking term is referred as multiprogramming.

Time sharing: This is somewhat different in some sense to both multitasking and multiprogramming.In time sharing several systems(called as dumbed servers having only computer peripherals -no CPUs they have) are attached to a single dedicated server having own CPU. Dumbed servers share the CPU of dedicated server as they don't have their own CPUs. Every action or command in Time sharing operating systems is so short that very short span of CPU time is assigned for each user and thus the users at dumbed systems have an impression that they have their own CPU though the fact is they share the CPU of dedicated server. Such short periods of time is called as time-slots or time-slices.or time-quantum.

Feel free to ask questions or if nay clarifications required. Others, Please correct me if any wrong information shared.

PS: CPU = Central Processing Unit(s)
Thanks !
ce_neha • Aug 22, 2009
Re: operating system

Thank you sookie,

But can you provide me with some examples of each type of operating system i have mentioned.
saurabh2486 • Aug 22, 2009
Re: operating system

Time Sharing Operating System - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Multitasking operating systems allow more than one program to run at a time. They can support either preemptive multitasking, where the OS doles out time to applications (virtually all modern OSes) or cooperative multitasking, where the OS waits for the program to give back control (Windows 3.x, Mac OS 9 and earlier).

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