three phase single phase

Hi recently brought an old compressor is currently wired to three phase but can apparently be used on 230 single phase (it actually says this on the compressor) the wires coming from the motor are 2x black 2x red/orange 2x green, they are laid out as below there are three bars which are moveable joining the top three terminals my question is where do i join the live, neutral and earths? any help would be greatly appreciated




  • kombo
    As I know concept of three phase motor and single phase motor is big different, because in single phse motor we need something to make direction of motor ( Sorry i don't know name of part in english) and three phase no need. normally three phase have six wire from motor exclude ground and single phase only two wire.
    most important, three phase strongger than single phase so i'm worry if you change from three phase to single phase, the motor not strong enough

    best regard
  • ringodada2000
    in three phase, the phase diff itself creates torque to make the machine rotate, but in singe phace, a capacitive device creates phace diff between 2 windings and in tern creates rotating torque. as far power output is concerned, 3phace gives more power
    armature design is also diff to encorporate 3ph/1 phase windings. so same armature cant be used for 3 or single phase windings

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