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Herin HR
Herin HR • Dec 26, 2015

The role of zero in the power of a number

Why is any number raised to zero power equals one ? 0!
Raising a number to the power of zero is not the same as if the exponent is a number other than zero.However, as usual, zero is different. When used as an exponent, it does not work the same as other numbers.
The rule for zero as an exponent is that any number or variable (except zero itself) raised to the 0 power is equal to 1.

For example:
4^0 = 1
b^0 = 1
478^0 = 1.
If you need more solutions or you need more clarification in the field of exponents with zero that can be provide by online resources.
shiwa436 • Jul 18, 2017

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