The most memorable college life stories


This thread is dedicated to the most memorable college life stories. We only want the original ones.

Share yours ๐Ÿ˜€ !

PS: We'll pick up the best stories and make a PDF out of it, with author's name attached with each selected story! [โ€‹IMG]


  • smita89
    hey biggie.. Where do we have to send the write-ups?
  • Mayur Pathak
    Mayur Pathak
    Hmmm... looks like this thread is tailor made. Biggie why not we post our stories?
  • durga ch
    durga ch
    ok! My principle (dean) some how made an impression that I am bully types( that's true ๐Ÿ˜ though) and I don't know why he felt that I would be in antu_ragging squad ๐Ÿ˜ก. I was too overwhelmed when I was in second year as I had to no longer wash seniors cloths nor 'entertain' them whenever they want. I was happy that now I am a senior and can be happily rag juniors sigh!. only to find my name in ANTI_RAGGING squad along with photo on the notice board!. All my bully dreams crashed!!!!.For next three years with great difficulty I had to resist myself from that and furthermore ask my friends not to do it!!!!
  • smita89
    I've had many memorable experiences of college life. Hell, I could write a book ๐Ÿ˜€ but there is one CHOICEST memory which I'd like to share here.

    Annual function 2009: These two events although a wide distance apart occurred almost simultaneously. I was the stage anchor and the ramp show was going on. So me and my co-anchor were standing backstage. My friends' group was in the crowd enjoying the show. Suddenly a drunk guy from our sister-concerned college tried to come up on the stage to disrupt the show (they have jealousy issues). I was standing four steps up at the entrance to the stage, I warned him to be in his limits. When he still insisted, I pushed him off the stage and he rumpled down along with couple more of his drunken friends. Meanwhile in the audience, a thin barricade separates the boys from the girls. The guys after getting drunk started throwing small pebbles towards my friends. One specific friend got hurt near her eye. She picked up a chair and threw it towards the guys. I don't think anyone would have been more shocked than that guy was.

    In all: girls power rocked and girls kicked the guys' A**!! ๐Ÿ˜
  • durga ch
    durga ch
    * girl power always rocks!*
    talking about functions , sigh! I am disaster prone, I toppled on my saree when I was climbing the stage to welcome the chief guest. Being me kind of 'healthy' ,the guy who was co-hosting, had to use both his hands to lift me up , whcih was more embrassing ๐Ÿ˜”. and once i was there I did this " please proceed to the dinner room for lunch"! *sigh*
  • cooltwins
    well i am just in the second year so something memorable ......... i don't have much choices but i'll choose the latest industrial visit we had.

    actually we just can't take this whole concept of IV (Industrial Visit) seriously,being just second years so we chose some place not so boring like neivelli and landed at hosur that too very much behind schedule.we entered the place praying we leave soon.once we were out we were given a site seeing tour of Hosur in an attempt to get lunch for all 60 of us.anywhere we went "no food" board was out. somehow we managed to get some food.but still we did not even get the whiff of excitement at all till then but only the strong chem. smell at the industry.all of a sudden a guy in our class recalled that there is a dam some where nearby.

    so after a lot of "PLEASE SIR, PLEASE MAM" chants we managed to cajole them into accepting to give the place a visit.the whole fun of the visit was at the dam where we took a lot of pictures and funny videos amidst the awesome location.

  • freak16
    Protest by 3968 Student against the MIGHTY
    Well. This is the most memorable part of my college life. I dont know whether you people find it interesting or not.
    I took admission in college named Delhi College of Engineering.The first year went smoothly.I was happy as i made to DCE a brand name that longed for 60 prestigious year.Dce which was the mother of IIT D and Under delhi university- world wide renowned , dream of delhilites after iit d though. As we came in 2nd year. We got the most major shock of our life. Our college named changed to Delhi technological university. DU ditched us .We become a separate university which is not only teaching BE now but also MBA and whole lot of other courses with same infrasturcture and seats got almost double. During my time it was 656 now it is 1200. Okay no problem it was fine.NO grunches.Everything was going well in 3rd semster as We conceived it as a milestone to get autonomy and accredited a separate university status.
    we stepped into 4th semester gadily and celebrate our fest with rahul bose , chetan bhagat and kiren bedi. They visited our college. Everything was so well organised , perfect yeah except studies.
    Fest got over. one week and Misdsemester. Life become a 2D projection.Everybody was into books studying hard. Flipping through books.Praying May Exams got postponed. NO sleeps. But suddenly like (a abominable lull before a major storm) two days before exam. 3rd year provoked us against the college authority for change of name of our college.We were duped.Our college name changed to Delhi techonological university in just 2 months. Nobody asked us. everywhere every one shouting the same. we need our DCE back.
    So Finally we decided to boycott the exams Some nerds denied to boycott.We pursued them hard. but in reality everybody was in dilemma obviously we were playing with our degrees. because boycotting exam was a a big step. My mother denied me to do so. she said this was the bad politics played with us.But i couldnot be deaf to my senior lectures. They proved this thing that change of status is just benefitting the VC. He got 100 croroe rupees form state government every year and blabbering. so everybody boycotted. infact It was a huge sucess out 0f 4006 students 3968 boycotted the exam.
    We made to newspaper front line. Our college authority approached us for our demands and most of them rejected in first time only.
    And then the real ordeal started.WE went to AIIMs donated blood with a slogan "We will give our blood you give us our DCE back". We went to AICCE and gave Dherna there. Police came dere and beat the guys of our college.Everyboy dere in dherna told his story how dis they run from police. Seriouly we laughed so much after listening their escape form police but some were badly hurted.
    WE sat before our VC house continously for 36 hours and sloganed thousand time " VC Step Down".Our VC does not give up. Our college authority again schedualed the Exam. But wE boycotted again.But not 4th year this time otherwise they will not get their degrees or it may be delayed. This time again we made to newspaper.
    Government responded and sent A registrar to keep an eye on Our Vc work.And We got so many false assurances. I never investigated but senior said so. I never got to know the reality and may be i never try to come near to it. Why did i boycott and involve in it?
    But It taught me the major lesson in my life which i just listened from the people that a handfull people can never succeed before government.
    We a handful students could not bring our college name back. I am studying in Delhi technological university.
    In coming life This name will completely take over and DCE will remain in histroy only .Will after 20 years anybody ever believe that I did my Btech from DCE. Come on I got admission In DCE.
    For me It was DCE..IT is .and It will be.
  • Ankita Katdare
    Ankita Katdare
    @freak: Thanks for bringing this thread up again. ๐Ÿ‘

    Most of the college moments have been memorable. To share a few, the way we convinced everyone to join the industrial tour, how we started our departmental magazine, how we conducted various workshops in college, the moments when all of wanted to eat at the cafeteria and none of us had money, the moments when we reached the lecture 20 minutes late and when we pushed each other forward to enter classroom, the endless preparation for gathering event, roaming on our two-wheelers in search of sponsors for our events and many more.
    It's been an incredible journey. ๐Ÿ˜€
  • narayana murthy
    narayana murthy
    oh is this already started i dont know about it so i again started here

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