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shankey.bansal • Sep 12, 2007

the morals and commitments have started degrading in engineers also

Guys , if u think its true ... or if u think the engineers are still very commited and have high morals ....

go on ;.... this indeed is something good to discuss ....
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Sep 12, 2007
Well, please explain your point a bit in more detail. "Committed' to what?

ps: Please refer to Lectures 1 - 4 (links in my signature)

-The Big K-
Do you mean perhaps that engineers have lost their ethical values, and instead of making sure their products and services are safe and of high quality, they are now more money-centric and create low quality stuff? Could be possible in some cases. However, the fact that there seem to be an exponential amount innovative technologies being discovered, there are engineers who often seek to discover and create the best product ever 😉

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