• Kaustubh


    MemberOct 7, 2013

    The gadgets you want to own again!

    So I spotted the photo of the old Motorola Razr phone and it made me all nostalgic. I bought it when I was working for a software company and it was one of my first 'big' purchase with my own money. Of course, it wasn't light on budget; but given the gadgetophilic I am was - money didn't matter. The pride of ownership of that phone was second to none!

    I want to own Moto Razr again. What about you? 😀
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  • Saandeep Sreerambatla

    MemberOct 7, 2013

    I want to buy Nokia N70 again! Same like Kaustubh, I too bought it with my salary, spending my complete salary to own that phone😀

    It worked very well, the music and ear phones are top notch at that time!

    What i liked was the rugged ness, and the solidity. Its too heavy that i know i have my phone in my pocket!!
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