The best GOOGLE hack ever !

Google Rocks!

Many of the web searchers around the world use google as a superb search tool to satisfy all sorts of needs. But most of us are unaware about the advanced search options that Google has. Not many people know that Google lets you many key options to optimize your search results by the help of thousands of parameters like - phrase modifications, language, file format, domains and there are tons of search operators that 99% of the world is unaware of.

If you want to see the true potential of Google search , just see the video given below. I am sure it will be of great help to everyone by certain modifications to the commands shown in the video.
- YouTube

When you are through with this stunning video, and after you bow your heads to Google and the amazing Jimmy Ruska, please don't feel shy to post your comments or queries.


  • Jitheshvk
    hi suyash.. that was a good one..
    i'm regular user of google search... almost everyday...
    really i dint know v had some advanced search options like this in google...
    thank's for this post dude....
    keep going..

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