Techniti 11 at NIT Jalandhar, Jalandhar on Mar 2, 2012

Techiniti 11 is Technical Fest organized by NIT Jalandhar, Punjab.

The annual NIT Jalandar Techfest is an opportunity for all students all over the country from a diversity of fields to unite and celebrate our various identities, now conjoined, as one. To deal with the conundrum of the divide, this fest brings together aspects of all our indulgences into one temptation, the one event in the entire year that draws us out from the limits of our existence into the haven of that which is sublime, togetherness. In this fest, students can do what they desire to do, choose, where in retrorespect, choice might've been limited.

The barriers are naught but 'Technical' and there is always a way about them, and this event is that way! Its not just a fest, its three days of revelation.

Workshops include:-

Phone Application Development
Web Development and Joomla
Auto Innovation

Events include:-

Chemical Events:

Instrumentation and Control Events:
Simu Mania
My Innovation

Electronic and Communication Events:

Industrial and Production Events:
The Next CEO
Dimension 4.0

Civil Events:
Bridge It
Vantage Point

Biotech Events:
Bio-Innovators Modelling
Bio-Scio Quiz
Devil's Advocate

Junkyard Mania, Urja, etc.

For details, queries and registration; visit their website: #-Link-Snipped-#


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