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lion911 • Oct 3, 2008


anyone here got experience in TCAD? i might got a few question regarding to this
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Oct 3, 2008
We may have someone experienced in TCAD. Why don't you fire your questions anyway? 😀

[PS: I like your avatar very much 😁 ]
well TCAD,sounds interesting can ya say weer it is used.....i may get ans from poeple who might know it
lion911 • Oct 3, 2008
well.. TCAD is use for simulation of wafer fabrication process.. Eg. we need no to design and fabricate a diode manually, all this can be done by using TCAD and we could use it to test our diode working or not

i might need to create a silicon photodiode using TCAD which is apparently new for me and i might need some guide on what and how to start on

i need to test on various characteristic of the diode as well. However i just need some flow chart to get this started, if anyone could kindly guide me through all the steps i need to do to complete my silicon photodiode in brief using flowchart method that will be really helpful ^_^

thx big_k, i found this avatar in your image XD kinda cute, this forum btw is a great job done 👍
Buddy,TCAD is a tool wat i understood by your posting,for flowchart u need to know the process first once it is done then u start the process and flowchart is independent of tools or lang ur using!!!!
lion911 • Oct 8, 2008
yupe correct. process is needed.. still exploring the program. if there is any fast guidance to help me through all these i really appreciate it ^_^
well i dont have knowledge of TCAD,well is it a garphical programming??

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