Tata Nano Starter Motor Problems

Tata Nano starter motors are being replaced by the company free of cost. The company claims that the whole replacement activity is done proactively to offer improved Nano performance to customers. Can someone inform us what problems have been identified with the old motors and what improvements have been made in the new motors.

News detail: #-Link-Snipped-#


  • Keerthivasan Ravisankar
    Keerthivasan Ravisankar
    i think, the old engines have produced much noise in order to reduce that noise they might have made a design of which give off less noise..


  • vikaskumar11233
    Hi all
    I am here with a hot news that Tata motors had postponed its upcoming Tata Nano 2012 diesel which was earlier in news that Tata will be launching it in 2012. One good news is also here that Tata will introduce its new #-Link-Snipped-# car in auto expo 2012.
  • zaveri
    there was nothing wrong with the old motors, and this was just an attempt to glorify nano.

    even if the old motors did make a lot of noise, would it really hurt somebody, because after all the motor is supposed to work for only less than a minute.

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