TATA has gifts for all !

The ongoing Delhi Auto Expo has successfully raised the curtains over many vehicles. Our own TATA also have been able to raise the oomph factor. Let's have a look at the TATA stall. It seems they have bought the New-Year gifts for whole India; ranging from new concept sports-car, much-awaited city car, and also a bag full of trucks and passenger lorry! The new TATA family has -
1) All new NANO CNG : One of it's advantage is that the CNG kit does not eat up the space and provides ample comfort.
2) PIXEL Concept : This much awaited has successfully tried to provide an efficient, eco-friendly, 4 seater city-car. PIXEL has one of smallest turn angles of 2.6m, and can easily accomodate 4 adults. The CO2 emmissions also have been significantly reduced.
3) Indica VISTA Concept S2
4) Indigo MANZA Hybrid Concept : TATA have a new launch that has a calibre of competing Honda CITY on roads. Plus, it comes with High capacity Lithium-ion battery and roof-mounted solar-panels along with its other configurations.
5) Indigo MANZA NOVA Concept :
6) Safari STORME : Launched successfully yesterday, TATA looks forward to the success of this SUV.
7) ARIA-AT Concept : With flashy exteriors and elegant interiors, Aria gets new height with the concept.
8) Sumo GOLD : After the great success of TATA SUMO that literally gave Indian passenger journeys a new face, TATA have kept the SUMO GOLD simple, and flashy at same time.
9) XENON Concept : A sporty pick-up truck in the TATA family, that has capability of switiching between 2WD and 4WD.
10) MAGIC IRIS CNG : The decade of three-wheelers was replaced by this TATA Magic series, and made auto-journey much more comfortable. TATA extends it by empowering it with CNG; that can be a great hit at Delhi subs.
11) Super ACE : Brings a new boon to the small-scale industrial transportation.
12) ACE EX Refresh : It would bring great sigh to the small-scale industries.
13) VENTURE Ambulance : As the name suggests, TATA has modified and extended its Venture to Ambulance for city, as well as, long distances.
14) LPT 3723 : TATA brings a "Dabangg" truck to its family. It becomes India's 5-axle, 10by4 rigid truck. Also, it is India's 9-speed gear box truck.
15) PARADISO G7 : It is a great forward step by TATA in passenger transportation. It is a multi axle coach that makes the inter-city journey by buses great comfort.
16) PRIMA 7548.S Concept : It brings great power trailer-truck, that can pull more than one trailer at time.
17) STARBUS Fuel-Cell Concept : StarBus, powered by Hydrogen Fuel-cells. The hydrogen fuel is compressed.
18) ULTRA 714 : Ultra is a new series Mini-truck.
19) ULTRA 1017 : Extends the Ultra series to a truck, that can compete Ashok Leyland in the market.
20) PRIMA 3138.K AT : A truck that has been designed keeping uses and needs of constucrtion sites.

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  • vikaskumar11233
    AviatorAUTOBOT nice post buddy and yes these were all the gifts form the TATA motors and the main important gift is its new #-Link-Snipped-# whose concept was shown in auto expo and another attraction was its sizzling Tata Safari Storm.
  • Autoindiapro
    Gifts from Tata.. thats right. But you got to pay to own it 😀
  • AviatorAUTOBOT
    thankyou @vikaskumar11233.....
  • vikaskumar11233
    You are welcome buddy..😉
  • PraveenKumar Purushothaman
    PraveenKumar Purushothaman
    Woah! Awesome facts man!!! 😁
  • zaveri
    the best gift tata can give is a car with good aesthetics, i mean something to match the aesthetics of hyuandai i10 , ford figo etc

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