Switching Between Different Color Leds

Hi Guys,

I need to make a small circuit consisting of 3 color of LEDs, each color consist of 3 LEDs each. They are able to switch colors via a switch, that is when its on, only 3 blue LEDs are turn on, then when I activate the switch, blue turns off and white turns on and etc ... Is there any schematics which is available? Possible to use only one switch to do the switching? Please advice.



  • reachrkata
    You can of course use one switch to switch between blue and white. But for more colour combinations you would need more switches.

    You would be using RGB LEDs I presume. So the circuit could be as simple as -

    1) Keep the Blue LEDs always powered so that when you connect your device to power the Blue LEDs turn on.

    2) Connect the Green and Red colours to power via the switch, so that when the switch is turned on, both green and red turn on and all the 3 colours together show up as white.

  • samboy2005
    you can easily do this by using simply a threeway slider switch.
    or else you can use transistors along with a single switch.

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