Summer Training 2010 : FAQ !!

If you have any queries regarding your summer training 2010, please post it here.

This will help, have you seen 3 idiots (recent India BOX office super hit), you will ask what is my summer training has to do with a Masala Bollywooood film. In the film our favorite RANCHO said it all, but for some other class of people. He said - what is wrong with this MBA guy, they do engineering first then do the MBA to count some hard currency in some foreign bank.

Same will apply to you, slightly differently - You are an IT engineer (CS, IT - anything), IT itself is a huge field with lots of option. Now you are very fond of Networking (i know some of you will say, what is wrong with this guy with networking - boss thats what i do - i just love networks) but you got an opportunity to join some Public Sector company - some connection some where and end up doing some web page designing work. Some will say what is wrong with that its a Public Sector company (for all those 1st Sem guys on very simple terms Public Sector company is a company where public - janta's money is involved for business, these are the Dinosaurs of the corporate jungle)

Now think - you like something, you end up doing something - net result a big '0' in some case its even negative '-5' - why because if learn something wrong there - it will take a your life time de-learn the same.

So - in a single line, think - don't run for companies, or IITS or NITS to apply, give it a thought, what you wanna do, what is your next plan after the training this will help. Once you are clear with your ideas and plans - let me know, we can discuss the same.

All the best, remember INDIA is the next super power (if we are not already), its the land of opportunity. 😁

Do post back what is that you wanna do this summer!!


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