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@Ankita Katdare • 01 Apr, 2014 • 3 likes
As summer is fast approaching, thousands of engineering students in India are looking for opportunities in MNCs to apply for a position of a summer intern. While it might seem like a pretty picture to put the name of companies like TCS, Wipro, Infosys etc. on your resume under the internship section, one has to understand that it is very tough to get selected as an intern in most major companies. It is also a known fact that the kind of work offered to interns at the MNCs might not be that great. So, if you are looking for a serious internship, you must definitely look at deriving a great work/learning experience out of your 2-3 month internship time.

And that's when - internship at a startup comes into picture.

Why is working as an intern in a startup such a great idea?

First of all startup owners will welcome you with both hands if you have the right kind of talent.
They will offer you a decent amount of stipend and give you work that adds value to their company. At a startup company, your ideas are values and your work counts. You will get immediate feedback and have the satisfaction of having worked on a product or service that is may be used directly by the customers. That is a huge win. An experience of working on a product that has direct consumers is something you will never get in a big company as an intern.

Moreover, if you love working at the startup and can identify with their products, and in turn they love your work - there's a lot of chance that they've hire you as a full-time employee in the future.

With the changing scene of startups in India, the big employers have identified the potential of the talent coming from startup companies. There's a fair chance that the MNCs recognize your work experience at a startup as a valuable asset.

The big question however is - how to apply for startups in India?

And I am browsing and searching for the answer to that question. Once found, I'll update this discussion with details on that. Till then, if you have some suggestions about startups looking for interns, share in replies below.
@Ankita Katdare • 02 Apr, 2014 It will be great if we can someone can post about the startups looking for interns.

Those landing on this page looking for internships can go through some startup names in our Founders Circuit - The Venture Capture Series here:
@Parthhazard • 07 Jul, 2015 How do we know about startups looking for interns?
and how do we get in touch with them??
@Ankita Katdare • 07 Jul, 2015 Hey @Parthhazard Welcome to CE.

Well, there are multiple ways.

1. Go to Founders Circuit. (Click Here)
2. Look for startup names that appeal to you.
3. Check out their official website.
4. You should find one of these links on the homepage:
a. Work With Us
b. Jobs
c. Careers
5. Look for vacancies and apply.

Alternatively you can keep a check on the few job portals that focus on listing jobs by startups in India.

Here are a few good names:

1. YourStory Jobs (YS Jobs)
2. Internshala
3. LetsIntern
4. HelloIntern
5. HasGeek (Top recommended for really good positions)

Other than this, startups also list their job vacancies on mainstream job portals such as Naukri and Monster.

My advice for you is to figure out what kind of startup you want to join and then list all startups in that category. Once you do that, it will be easier to track and follow the startup to check open positions and apply.

You need to align your skill set with that of the startup to make them hire you.
Startups are in need of passionate individuals who would walk that extra mile whenever its needed.

Being an intern or an employee at a startup is not a piece of cake. You have to give your 100% and then some more and be always on your toes to learn, master and implement.

At the end of the day, you will learn a lot <-- that's a definite promise.
@Vikram S Bargah • 07 Jul, 2015 Hey @Parthhazard ! You can also check for internships here

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