Suggestion on which course should I opt - Java or VLSI?

I m abhishek yadav.I am doing my BE 3 rd yr in electronic and communication.i mThinking upon going for. Either vlsi training or java cousre. Need your suggestion whether I should go for java or vlsi. Which one will be more helpfull to me.


  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare
    Why not both? If you are interested in the electronics domain and want to make a career in embedded systems - VLSI may be a good start. You may enrol for VLSI course and learn JAVA as a hobby because there are a ton of sources online that will let you learn Java. You can of course discuss all your doubts and queries with fellow engineers here on CrazyEngineers.
  • Saijayadeep
    As said,learning both will be helpful,why because once you come to your 7 0r 8 th semester you can have the chances of applying for jobs in VLSI domain especially in Wipro and HCL. You can also have the chance of getting internship in esteemed companies like Intel advice is that while learning VLSI course take anyone language VHDL or Verilog HDL and try to become an expert,while learning both just interms of theory can only make you know about the concepts but you cannot focus much(I feel).The best book to learn Verilog HDL is Samir Palnitkar and try to practise the examples in tools that works on windows and also Linux as some industries works mainly on linux. Modelsim Student version can be downloaded from the website itself (Google it).

    For Java,i am not good in that but make sure that don't stop just after finishing reading the reference book but practice as many examples as possible as you can see the download section 100 programs in C language try to do the same in Java.
    in terms of Job aspects,once you come to final year better write Cocubes,Amcat and E-litmus and etc.,where your programming skills is being checked and if can do a program in any language once you know the logic ,i can say you will be step ahead of your friends and can get good scores which may lead to shortlisting for interviews.

    So third year is the right time to concentrate on your programming skills,don't waste time in enjoying while many of your friends seem to be enjoying with you but at the same time they will perform well in exams and you will be out of the race.So enjoy and well and make use of your time.All the best Go ahead.

    An advice from your senior...😉

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