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@smita89 • 31 May, 2009
Hey all!

After posting my wallpaper of a happy group of young people jumping around, it didn't really please ash. He requested that there be some hammers and tongs and things like that to show the wallpapers are about engineers (much to the chagrin of Shalini and Patty 😁)

So now, I'm starting with a batch of branch specific, grunge themed wallpapers. However, I need a little help. I need to write a quote under the CE logo in each wallpaper, something witty relating to the branch.
The branches are:

Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, Computers & IT, Electronics
(no offence to other branches, I need to fish for resources for their WP)

So shoot with your ideas. Be funny, be witty and remember to be SHORT!!

Let your creativity amuse the world!! 😁
@Kaustubh Katdare • 31 May, 2009 Re: suggest witty quotes for engr branches

Well well, the generic quote that applies to CEans [I really think there shouldn't be branch specific wallpapers. We are ONE, united! ] is the one I stole from FC, Pune folks -

"Down To Earth...
...but above you all"

@smita89 • 31 May, 2009 Yes biggie, I totally agree with the unity thing. I just had an idea about the branch wp. I'll revert back to the unity wallpapers from the next batch 😛

Nice quote by the way. And I thought you were against plagiarism 😛
@Kaustubh Katdare • 31 May, 2009 I am. I haven't used it anywhere, 'officially'. 😁
@smita89 • 31 May, 2009 😁 well lets hope that the FC people don't happen to stumble across this page then!!

Still no suggestions?? Come on, buck up people!
@Ashraf HZ • 01 Jun, 2009 Well, I wouldn't say I was totally displeased.. it was merely a passing comment 😛

We can have specific branch wallpapers, but its the wording we have to be careful with. Nothing that would rise it above other branches (i.e. my branch is the best, without us you guys are nothing, blah blah.. ) 😀

If you'll consider telecommunications as a separate branch, I wouldnt mind thinking up of witty quotes!
@smita89 • 02 Jun, 2009 Sure ash.. something is better than nothing! 😁
@Differential • 02 Jun, 2009 Mechanical : "We MECH the world"
Electrical: We imagine what you can't see, we see what we can't imagine.

Both are T-shirt quotes from my colleage friends and not mine. 😀
@smita89 • 02 Jun, 2009 I have used something similar for the mech branch "Meching the world"

LOVE the second one 😁
@Corpse-Thrust • 02 Jun, 2009 Computer Sciences : I came, I code, I conquer.

@smita89 • 02 Jun, 2009 oh thats a good one.. I might use it for the next wallpaper. Thanks a ton!!
@sc_55 • 12 Sep, 2010 please suggest a quote for Electronics branch too .... it would be a great help...

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