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Abhishek Rawal
Abhishek Rawal • Sep 28, 2013

Suggest Me Good laptop Which Matches My Requirement.

I am planning to buy laptop. I hate this secure boot crap, yeah it is possible to disable UEFI secure boot in x86-64 system but not in ARM, but still I will prefer not to waste my precious dimes & energy on any pre-installed sucky Windows laptop.

Here's the configuration which is ideal (for me) that I want in laptop :
- Nvidia GFX card (No Optimus, please) [ This is because, I have suffered lot with ATI drivers in gaming, while I've noticed that games under Nvidia Proprietary drivers are working like butter] [Optimus power saving official support is still not merged in Kernel, news claims it will be soon : Hence it is better not to go for it]

- AMD CPU{latest} (most preferred) // Intel i5 3rd Gen will do too

- 4 GB RAM

- HDMI & VGA Port

- Preinstalled OS : None/Free-DOS/DOS

- And Ofcourse LED screen with backlit

Budget : < INR 41,500
Anoop Kumar
Anoop Kumar • Sep 28, 2013
Check out this Lenovo E530 , you can trade in 40k in local market.
I don't suggest laptop with dedicated graphics, they kind of compromise with hardware quality which makes working experience bad *and they sucked up after a year of heavy use.
For a geek I would suggest desktop or business series laptop.
Abhishek Rawal
Abhishek Rawal • Sep 28, 2013
@ianoop : I hate dedicated gfx, dead slow. And even that laptop ain't that good.
I couldn't find a single laptop with AMD CPU, Nvidia GFX & running on DOS or Linux.
If I won't be able to find anything better, then I will go for AMD A8 APU + AMD GFX.

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