Names for Civil Techfest (Women's College) - 2023

I am organizing a civil engineering techfest in our women’s engineering college. Can someone suggest a few good names we can consider?


Sure, here are a few name suggestions for civil techfest for your college-

  1. SheBuilds - "Empowering Women, Building Dreams"

  2. FeminaTech - "Pioneering Women in Engineering"

  3. ConstruShe - "Shattering Stereotypes, Building the Future"

  4. EnginHer - "Unleash Her Engineering Prowess"

  5. CivilSHERO - "Unleashing the SHEROes of Civil Engineering"

  6. BuildHERs - "Empowering Women to Construct Success"

  7. TechVanguards - "Leading the Way in Tech Innovation"

  8. Constructa - "Where Dreams Take Shape"

  9. InnovatHER - "Celebrating Women Engineering Innovators"

  10. FemEngineering - "Empowering Women, Engineering the Future"

  11. CivilWise - "Building Brilliance with Civil Engineering"

  12. TechAmazons - "Unleashing the Power of Women in Tech"

  13. BuildItHers - "Empowering Women, Building It Herself"

  14. EmpowerStructs - "Empowering Women to Shape the World"

  15. SheTechFest - "Igniting Her Passion for Tech"

I hope you find these useful. Let me know.


  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare
    Prasanth G
    can any one suggest a good name for our civil department (women's college) tech fest.
    What are the activities/ sub-events for the tech-fest? That might help people here come up with a few names.
  • Whats In Name
    Whats In Name

    There is something civil behind them.😛😁

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