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sanias • May 22, 2009

Suggest a Laptop for Computer Science

Hi people... I am looking for a good Laptop for my computer science and JAVA classes... can someone suggest a good laptop with good config for me please.. I did see a couple in the market

A Sony Vaio
A Dell XPS
An Apple Macbook and
A HP (donno which model)

Which one should I go for..?

Please keep me posted thanks!
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • May 22, 2009
Your choice entirely depends on following two factors -

1. Purpose of the laptop (specifically, what software you'll run on it)
2. Your budget.
HP ... Its cool and reliable also economical then Vio
ritesh_sinha • May 25, 2009
[FONT="]If you have the budgets then go for apple Mac. It’s the ultimate machine. I’m a Mac user I can tell that buying a Macbook makes my college life easier yet gives the reputation. Check out this link [/FONT]Apple (India) - Students[FONT="] they have some cool offers for students. [/FONT]​

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