Subject Verb Quiz

Guys take this subject -verb quiz :

1. Either the manager or the Business head ____ going to have to make a decision.
a) Is
b) Are

2. Some of the emails __________ to have been deleted.
a) seem
b) seems

3. The bugs that we found in this module _____ not very critical.
a) are
b) is

4. Everyone _____ to be present for the call.
a) have
b) has

5. Mahesh along with the Board of Directors, _________ decided to acquire a new company
a) have
b) has

6. Some of the files __________ to be corrupted.
a) appear
b) appears

7. A high percentage of the population _________ getting accustomed to the new MIS tool.
a) is
b) are

8. Rajiv and his friends _________ C++ to code.
a) use
b) uses

9. Hinting that the new module ________ not up to the standard, John _________ that he is unhappy with it.
a) Is
b) are
c) imply
d) implies

10. I ________ going to test that bug when we_______ called into the meeting.
a) was
b) were
c) was
d) were


  • silverscorpion
    1) is
    2) seem
    3) are
    4) has
    5) has
    6) appear
    7) is
    8) use
    9) is, implies
    10) was, were

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