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  • Kaustubh Katdare

    AdministratorSep 30, 2013

    I just filled up the iiast form for admission in iia Bangalore ..... Do someone know the material I could use for this exam ... Thank u in advance 😀
    Welcome to CE, @#-Link-Snipped-# . I think it'd help if you could tell us what the exam is about. I performed a quick check on the syllabus of the IIAST entrance exam; but couldn't find anything relevant.

    But given the nature of the course, I'd definitely begin with SSC and HSSC books in physics as a starter.
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  • pankaj12790

    MemberSep 30, 2013

    i was able to find this for the indian institute of astrophysics entrance test ....
    nw please can u suggest me some books that i should follow ....

    The syllabus for the IIA entrance exam is the standard BSc. & M.Sc Physics syllabus covering dierent areas

    of specialization. In particular, it presumes that the candidates have taken basic courses in Mathematical

    Physics, Classical Mechanics, Electromagnetic Theory, Quantum Mechanics, and Statistical Mechanics.

    There will be some questions in special subjects such as Condensed Matter Physics, Nuclear Physics etc in

    addition to coverage in applied areas such as Electronics, Instrumentation and Optics.

    The question paper will be multiple-choice. It will contain questions of two levels of diculty. The rst

    level will have 30 \easier" questions carrying 1 mark each. The second level will have 30 \dicult" questions

    carrying 3 marks each. Therefore, the test questions will have a total of 60 questions with 30 from each

    level, adding to a total maximum marks of 120. It is suggested that the candidate answer as many questions

    as possible in 3 hrs keeping in mind that negative marking for wrong answers is one third the value of the

    question (1 or 1=3) and concentrate on those questions within the candidate's grasp or specialization.

    The current pattern could be subject to change in the future.
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  • pankaj12790

    MemberOct 4, 2013

    can someone please suggest me some good prep material for this exam given the syllabus in my previous post ... I shall be greatfull fellow engineers 😀
    thank you
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  • harshapops

    MemberNov 22, 2014

    Hey... how was the exam? could you please suggest some material?
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