Stribeck Curve Analysis Using Tribometer


When lubrication is applied to reduce the wear/friction of moving surfaces an increasing load can shift the lubrication from several regimes such as Boundary, Mixed and Hydrodynamic Lubrication. The fluid viscosity, the load that is carried by the two surfaces and the speed that the two surfaces move relative to each other combine to determine the thickness of the fluid film. It is this process that determines the lubrication regime. How the regimes react to friction is shown in what is called a Stribeck curve. To evaluate lubricants, and their reaction with applications the Stribeck Curve can be identified using a Pin On Disk Tribometer.

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  • Rau
    How is this technology different from others? What are the advantages of NANOVEA's Tribometer If I want to measure wear behavior of Cr-Ag-N surface? I am currently working in a field associated with wear testing and advance products are welcome.
    Hi Rau,

    • Unmatched range of rotational speeds from 0.01 to 2000rpm. High resolution means that data can be accurately recorded at specified interval of time, duration or position (>0.006°). The motor has an integrated self-tuning system which ensures speed remains calibrated through time. Full and precise control of the motor ensures that a series of step speeds can be run continuously during the tests.

    • Unlike our competitors, Pin On Disk and Linear is available on the same system. More importantly, our platform is specifically designed to be open for custom modulation and advances in technology. This allows user to enhance the system over time without having purchasing an entirely new instrument.

    • Nanovea was the first, and others have now followed, to integrate 3D Non Contact Optics for quick wear volume loss on the stage.

    • All of Nanovea's instruments are the most competitively priced in the industry.

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