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Stress relaxation limit for steel

Hello to all, speaking of steel, could anyone explain to me how stress relaxation works?  if we take an iron plate and apply a weight to it that is well below the fatigue limit and even below the elastic limit, so within the limit of proportion, we will have a decay in time of the characteristics of the piece or  when we take the weight off this will return to its position regardless of the time elapsed?

we assume that there is no rust or other external variables


Ramesh RR
Ramesh RR • May 14, 2019

May not. Creep will also have to be considered. It may require  long time periods to measure Creep at normal temperatures.

Stress relaxation is more applicable to viscounts-elastic material like glass, polymers and composites.

Steel, within the elastic limits at ambient temperatures, is quite unlikely to exhibit stress relaxation at these low stress levels even over years.

thanks al for the answers, I read about the creeps and for what i understood, the tests performed refer to stressed metals with alternate cycles not really on static pieces with a single weight. 

would creeps be a kind of plastic deformation caused by many loading and unloading cycles?  Is it not a similar concept of fatigue cracks?

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