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Pensu • Oct 22, 2011

Storing Image In MySQL Database Using PHP

Hi ppl

I want to store a image on database and i am using php to upload and retrieve the data and MySql. I dont have any idea how to proceed. Can anyone throw some light on it.
You can use following approach

1:- Create a button to upload image , (Just a simple file tag)

Now your image will be saved in following path say (/upload/)

Now all you need is to save this image path in database and access it whenever you want or as an alternative you can use blob datatype to store image (I have never worked on this , just have little knowledge)
The_Small_k • Oct 23, 2011
Use streams to upload any file and store them into sql using blob database.
Pensu • Oct 23, 2011
I was having some problem in retrieving the image but its done now. Thank guys for your help....😀

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