Starting a 2 stroke 'mower' engine

Hi All - hoping someone can advise me on a problem i have with a motor...

Background - i know VERY LITTLE about mechanical engineering (electronics and circuit boards are my thing).

My son has a motorised skateboard. It has a 34cc 2 stroke engine that drives a rear wheel. The pull start broke on it after very little use, has been replaced and then the 'claw' snapped on it. That has been replaced and has gone again within a few 'pulls'. Major problem is that this is a cheap/nasty china cheap import and the motor/parts that just aren't made to last.

I'm looking for a solution to get this motor running. It has no gears/clutch (just a throttle/brake). I'd appreciate any advice.

My questions are:- Is it possible to 'bump start' a motor that doesn;t have clutch? Also, a freind, who knows as little about motors as me, says that you can start the motor with a common workmans drill - is this so? If not, is it possible to buy electric starts for this type of 'mower' engine...?

Thanks !


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    I won't be of much help here. Yes, you can buy an electric start. I just doubt if it will fit on the skateboard.

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