• In a new exhibit at The Leonardo, a science and technology museum in Salt Lake City, a team of Stanford engineers is demonstrating an open source software package called OpenSim that accurately models human movement. OpenSim is free and in use across the world helping scientists understand the complex forces of movement to improve diagnosis of physical disabilities and prevent harmful wear and tear.


    Can OpenSim be used in Commercial Software?
    What do you think?
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    MemberNov 8, 2011

    Re: Stanford Engineers Present OpenSim - Software That Models Motion Travels To Museu

    Yes, speaking of any software that relates to analyzing human motions have wide applications commercially.

    To name a few Ergonomics- A branch widely used in automobile industry.

    Robotics- For mimicking humans and for designing prosthetic limbs.

    Production Technology- For finding the best possible ways to reduce fatigue. There are a lot of applications actually. I do not even know that I will ever be able to see this software. Given that it is freely available, it will be good tool for every designer.
    There are many similar software available to analyze human motions, however in many only a single module is dedicated for the purpose.

    This will be something like a handy calculator. But we need to check out if we can really rely on the results obtained from this Stanford software. It should be noted that tools like Ansys and others give different results even when fed with same values when installed on different machines (of course Ansys do not deal with human motions as far as I am aware)
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