Sparse Matrix

Can any one tell me how to represent a Sparse Matrix using arrays.
and also how to add two sparse matrices.😲


  • manupep
    sparse matrix is a matrix contain large no of elements but most of them are zeros("0") . So inorder to save the memory utilization we are not storing the zeros, only othr elements. Any sparse matrix has only 3 colums . but the row number depends on the number of non-zero elements.

    format is


    3 0
    0 8 reprents in sparse form as

    0 0 3
    1 1 8

    I cant explain the whole procedure of adding becz i'min office now

    first you make sure that order of 3 matx are same. then sameposition elements should be added and make the resultant. I think u can able to make the logic.
  • komputergeek
    for(i=0;iThis is just a logic.I haven't compiled the code.So expect errors in it 😎
    Let me know if it works.
  • niraj.kumar
    just want to add ... the purpose of sparse matrix is 2 save memory and it is used when you have few information is a big space. So to preserve the memory we use sparse matrix
  • rama_krish627
    ok fine I understood what it is.

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