Some special Gadgets of 2013

Hello Guys, the year 2013 has passed away but it leaves some experiences in the form of history to us. Here i would like to introduce some gadgets which are developed in year 2013 and are very good for us and are very unique themselves. So here these are:

1.Bicycle Driven By App
Friends, you think that it is not possible to reach the office without the walking or driving. But i don't think so because this impossible thing is now become possible by the help of an application named as FLYKLY SMART WHEELS.
SO Guys just join a small electric wheel to the rear wheel of bicycle and download an app in your smartphone and you are able to do this impossible work. The small wheel you jointed is operated by the bluetooth of your smartphone and is able to get a speed of 40km/hr and the wheel will be able to ride upto 80km without any charging. i think its amazing.

yes my friends a toy company woobleworks developed a 3dudlar pen which is capable to paint 3d paintings. This pen do it by spreading the plastic filaments by warming them and then quickly cool it down and a 3d painting is drawn there. it is able to draw paintings of 11feet by using a 1feet plastic stic. so its wonderful.

3. A font Which can't be Decoded by NASA
an alumini of rod i-land school of design sang mun has developed a font which can be only decoded by a human eye. He named this code as JXX code. HE developed this code against the servey launce programe of NASA. JXX means there is no language content.


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