Some command for window command prompt .

Below is a listing of MS-DOS commands most commonly used and that you will most likely be using during a normal DOS session.
1. cd for change directories
2. cls for clear cmd screen
3. color/? for change the cmd screen eg. color 1f for change the date
5.time for change the time
6.shutdown/s for shutdown your computer
7. shutdown/r for shutdown and restart ur computer


  • arjun srivastav
    arjun srivastav
    pls share ur knowledge too 😀
  • Shailaja Tiwari
    Shailaja Tiwari
    type /? for cmd help.
    shutdown after specific time :shutdown-s-t 60(here after 60 seconds)
    Know if someone is hacking your PC (never tried but just heard of it)
    -type netstat-a
    this will return a list of computers or networks your pc is connected to and any unidentified system will be another suspicious node
    Know your IP address,DNS server and a lot more about your Internet connection
    -type ipconfig/all

    Interesting thread.

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