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Mayur Pathak
Mayur Pathak • Mar 12, 2007

Software testing methodologies

Hi Guys,

Even being in the IT industry, I'm still a lay man when it comes to software testing. Can any body help me to understand how a software is tested? For convenience, I'll put a few questions

What do you mean by testing strategy?
What are various methods of testing? Which is the best one?
What is defect management?
What are test phases? How are they segregated and classified?
What is a test metrics?

Guys, I know there are many intelligent engineers who would want to answer all the queries in one go. But please be easy on your replies as my brain is working li'l bit on a slower side these days.

Go on !!
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Mar 24, 2007

We'll soon have one of our own CEans to talk about Software Quality Engineering (Software Testing). Its an amazing discovery that lot of engineers do not know what it is about and what does it take to enter the field of software quality engineering.

But we will have to wait for some time to actually have it published on CE. Let us make it available on CE - Downloads section also. 😀

-The Big K-
Mayur Pathak
Mayur Pathak • Mar 26, 2007
Well, That is what my original idea is. We can prepare dossiers, just like this one about testing and keep it on CE downloads for the access of all the CEanss and general viewers.

I think lets start with a small study of software testing. We may later have white papers about various other interesting topics.

CEans, any takers for this idea? QA guys, how soon can I have my answers?
Mayur Pathak
Mayur Pathak • Apr 9, 2007
Still no replies?

This is very surprising. Do I infer that there aren't much peole around who have a hands on experience in QA or there are no takers for this topic?

Some one please prove me wrong.
crook • May 19, 2007
Still no replies?

This is very surprising. Do I infer that there aren't much peole around who have a hands on experience in QA or there are no takers for this topic?

Some one please prove me wrong.
I am wondering about the same. Someone please reply!!
Deepika Bansal
Deepika Bansal • Oct 29, 2010
Ya i am too a novice in testing............. Developing test data is like a head ache to me...........!!! Please some one help....
Hi I am not a very experienced guy in testing,as i am also new in Testing,but will try to cover up as my best knowledge..correct me if i am wrong in some points
for the first question according to me
1: The Test strategy [FONT=GE Inspira, Arial, sans-serif][FONT=Arial, sans-serif]is to define the specific approach to testing, methodology, requirements and deliverables of the project across the appropriate phases for the project. what types of risk are included in that,the time and resources required to follow the approach.and need to cover the requirements with the proper coverage including postive and negative flows.[/FONT][/FONT]
Can explain more if anyone needs to understand if not clear.
Deepika Bansal
Deepika Bansal • Oct 30, 2010
This sounds very theoretical...........But how to implement this practically without any practical experience...
you please let me know your i can explain as your specification,and you needs some basic knowledge for testing methodologies and SDLC .
Danielprice • Nov 1, 2010
The software testing strategy is an important part of the project development life cycle. It is the testing of efficiency of software that is newly made.
Some of soft ware testing methods are:
White box testing Black box testing
Gray box testing
Unit testing
Integration testing
Regression testing
Usability testing
Performance testing

Software testing Methodologies
Test methodologies are hypothesis of the order in which a particular organisation wishes to test a given project.

In the field of Software testing we use different types of Software Testing Methodologies. 
Here are the few commonly used Software Development Life Cycle used in actual testing:
  Waterfall model
  V model
  Agile model
  Spiral model

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