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durga ch
durga ch • Dec 28, 2008

Soft Diary: To synch up with system date


not sure if i google and get the answer,, i don't want easy answer basically.

wondering if we have anything like a soft dairy

the page of the dairy keeps sycn with the system time and as soon as system time is 00:00 , it starts a anew page

and all the actions of that page can be noted down in that specific page

eg: today is 29 dec
my notepad/word pad has been auto dated as 29.dec
and i write what all i do in this document

once the system date changes to 30 dec... a new notepad needs to start and I write evrything of tomorrow in it...

i know i am soundign too crazy... but i am tiried writin my things to do..

aahhh!! i got it.. somethin like you outlook journal.since most of us donnot use office outlook.. may be a softbook .. a soft tracker?
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Dec 28, 2008
Re: soft dairy

I bet Microsoft Office 2007 can do that.

PS: You meant Diary, not dairy. Right? 😉 😁
durga ch
durga ch • Dec 28, 2008
oops!!!* shy*

yup i meant diary typo..

ok.will search MS word today and see if they ahve anything like tht!! 😀
If you have MS OneNote (2003 or 2007) installed, you can use the Journal PowerToy:
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When you start up OneNote for the first time of a day, it will open a new page corresponding to the date. It'll open that same page throughout the day, and will only open a new one once the next day commences 😀

OneNote is a pretty useful software. I've used the 2003 version to organize my engineering projects and tasks often.
durga ch
durga ch • Dec 29, 2008
hey thanks!!!

that was awesome !!! I was never aware of it though!! :rollingeyes:

and where are the previous day's notes stored??
i mean will we be doing any kind of folder or they will be auto saved??

i dint use it just downlaoded and its looking good.. 😀
They will be auto saved 😀

The good thing about OneNote is that anything you type in it will be automatically saved once you close the program. If you load it back up again, it will go to the last page you accessed.

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