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vfugue • Oct 16, 2009

"Social Entrepreuneurship" anyone!?*

Hi, is anyone interested in the concept of social entrepreneurship? As in the work that ashoka or skoll foundation is focused on? I thought I would see if anyone is interested in starting a discussion about this concept, maybe one part of the discussion for general/philosophical expressions, but more importantly to engage in productive discussions regarding actual products/solutions we can design/invent to help improve people's of the thousands of examples e.g. what are some simple ideas whereby people can produce & store electrical energy during the day while engaging in manual chores, so they can use that energy later to light the home where there is no power or they cannot afford power...etc. if you see the ashoka and skoll web sites you will see what I am talking about....ok thanks and look forward to hearing from some of you!
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Oct 16, 2009
Well, yep. I'm interested.

store electrical energy
Any ideas to begin with?
vfugue • Oct 16, 2009
Re: "Social Entrepreneurship" anyone!?*

Hi Big K - well, I saw a beautiful example of this with an engineer out of Kolkata - Suprio Das - it was very inspiring. You can see what he has made by going to YouTube and searching for "Human Powered Domestic Lighting in Rural India"...his system is very simple, and he is not trying to win design awards, he is trying to create inexpensive, affordable solutions using recyled materials, to improve the lives of people living in or near poverty - which is really the goal of social entrepreneurship right? Love to hear what you all think after you see his video...not in terms of criticizing his invention , because I think we have to admire anyone and everyone who is expending his time/energy in this way, but in terms of other ideas of how to convert human mechanical energy into electrical energy and store it...
pracas • Nov 16, 2009
Hi vfugue, its a nice idea but the most difficult to work on - most of the times it would be difficult to find commercial viability. If you are interested in these angles perhaps you can attend Shodh Yatras organised by the national innovation foundation. You will run into loads of grass roots innovations with unlimited possibilities.
Hi buddy. I am interested
arunkumar505 • Dec 22, 2009
hi everyone i have an idea related to the social enterprise and i want to discuss with u all guys who are looking forward for that

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