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Snapchat Rechristened As "Snap" After Making Its Hardware Debut With "Spectacles"

Until yesterday it was Snapchat and today the “chat” is GONE. What happened? The CEO Evan Spiegel reported that the “chat” was snapped out of “Snap” and now it will go as “Snap” only. On the same day, they have launched the most speculated camera product from the company named “Spectacles”, making sense, why the company had decided to suddenly change the name. According to the blog, it is a magical memory-finder camera on which they have been working on for a long time.

Snap Spectacles

The product itself is a sunglass and it comes equipped with a built-in camera which is there to capture memories, they call it. The snap team has also claimed that the wireless camera paired with the glass is one of the smallest and yet they are promising quality-guaranteed video capturing while the user might be in motion. In fact, the official video shows a group of models has captured some of the coolest shots while they were skateboarding.

Available in three different color variants, Spectacles can work for whole day with a single charge. After your work is done the assembled video recordings could be transferred to the Snapchat application using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Later you can stream your quality moments via your phone which has been saved by Snap exclusive circular video format.

The blog confirms, the Circular video always prompts in full screen no matter what orientation you have chosen your phone to display. Plus, it syncs with the human eyes with an 115 degree field of view. Although the company has not released its exact specifications and price tag, third party sources affirm that the price will be somewhere around $130. The product will soon be available online to grab one for ourselves.

Watch how these skateboarders are having a fun time with Spectacles:

Source: Snap Inc.

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