• Rajcivl

    MemberDec 17, 2013

    Slow sand filter design

    hi friends iam currently doing ma 3rd year engineering for our college inorder to improve the drinking water quality I want to design the slow sand filter

    for a demand of 9600 liters per day

    an area of 8sq.meter area has Been designed I want to know that whether it is Good to use slow sand filter or not?? plz suggest me I need ur guidance my college waters tutbidity is around 15 and TDS IS around 600ppm
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  • rocky14321

    MemberFeb 21, 2014

    there are two types of filter 1. slow sand filter 2. rapid sand or rapid gravity filter.
    slow sand filter has a rate of filtration of 100-200 l/hr/sq.m. and area reqd would be too large(100-2000sq.m). but for RSF rate of filtration is 30 times higher than SSF. the surface area reqd. is low (10 - 50 sq.m) . SSF ( bacterial removal is 98-99%)is good but in cities that is impossible because it takes so much of time , it can be adopted in small villages . water is required for lakhs of people in short time. so use of RSF is can design rapid sand filter.
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