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Ramy Zacky
Ramy Zacky • May 24, 2017

Sinusoidal wave form

Sinusoidal wave form ???

I am asking:

We know that if a coil rotates in a transverse magnetic field a sinusoidal voltage is induced between its terminals.


My question now is:

Why it is exactly sinusoidal in the shape and not any other wave shape??


Thanks for help.
Ritesh Patil
Ritesh Patil • Jul 13, 2017
The voltage induced in a coil due to any moving magnetic field is directly proportional to the velocity of the field in the direction of the axis of the coil. Hence voltage induced by a rotating magnetic field is obtained sinusoidal as shown in the representation in the attachment. The same applies if you want to drive a motor, you will have maximum efficiency and smoothest torque when the driving voltage is pure sinusoidal.Untitled
The representation needs, v=|dy/dt|, but you get the picture right?

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