single supply opamp

hello....Can anyone helpme out in how to use a single supply opamp amplifying micro volt signals..?
I have used the technique of shifting the virtual ground to vcc/2 with tlc272 opamp....but it didnt work..only positive cycle of my signal is bieng observerd which is amplified but negative cycle lost..!! I havent used input coupling cap...please help me out with this..


  • d_vipul
    Hey abhirv,

    Please post the circuit design here such that we can answer on that............

  • cranky
    Yes please post the circuit so that we can help.But from what I gather:You could probably connect the supply to a potential divider and the supply's ground as negative(of opam),the divider as ground and positive as positive of opam
  • Esha Marathe
    Esha Marathe
    vey true post the circuit... i cannot comment on solution to problem unless i have the circuit

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