Single phase motor hoist

Can anyone guide me how to make single phase motor hoist to run without error? Now it is taking the easiest path & rotating in one direction only,WHEN LOAD IS SUSPENDED TO THE HOIST. How to overcome this? When weight acts on the motor, it rotated anticlockwise instead of clockwise. Up / down switch is provided, & when up is pressed, the motor tries to lift the load , but due to wieght factor it rotates is down direction. I knew that if i provide three phase motor the problem is solved, but how in single phase? Then & there it operates corretly but most times, it takes one direction rotation, that is down motion only not upwards lifting.

please help.
Can i provide external controllers to overcome this?? please guide.


  • crook
    Wouldn't it be nice if you use a single - three phase converter? of couse, unless you want to stick to the single phase. 😉

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