Since how long my computer is up?

Hi friends,

Here is a simple question from me.

Can you tell me how many ways are there & what are they,to know since how long my system is up if I switch on my computer, leave it and come back later?


  • sriramchandrk
    Methods are for Windows machines

    1st method:
    Try systeminfo command on command prompt.

    It gives lots of information.

    one line contains System Up Time


    System Up Time: 2 Days, 1 Hours, 59 Minutes, 52 Seconds

    2nd Method:
    If you are on LAN then you could double click on connection status tray icon.
    You can see Duration value which will be same as uptime. (this is only if you are on active network).

    Methods for Unix machine

    Use uptime command


    $ uptime
    10:22am up 2 day(s), 13:17, 3 users

    Thanks & Regards

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