@pratap singh, upendra • 17 Oct, 2013

what could be the physical significance of the thermal voltage encountered in semiconductor devices. Does it's physical significance change on changing the device under test.

@Jeffrey Arulraj • 18 Oct, 2013 • 1 like Thermal Voltage is the Voltage developed due to increase in temperature

We know that electrons get excited due to heat energy given to the semi conductor. This is why thermal voltage is generated in the semi conductor.

Heat energy is produced a lot due to the presence of comparatively higher resistance in the semi conductor and so we can't neglect thermal voltage any time
@Ahsanul haque • 24 Oct, 2013 • 1 like In semiconductors, the relationship between the flow of electrical current and electrostatic potential across a p-n junction depends on a characteristic voltage called the thermal voltage.Thermal Voltage increase electron motion that's why raise semiconductors conducting efficiency.
@Void Runner • 03 Apr, 2014 The thermal voltage is simply there to ensure that the laws of (chemical) thermodynamics are followed inside a semiconductor device. It is basically the adjustment applied when nonequilibrium condition occurs (i.e. external temperature causing energy injection to the carriers). I cannot go any further than this without getting into hard core physics, but you will have to take this from me as the answer 😀
@ambrish gautam • 30 Mar, 2016 Thermal voltage (Vt) is voltage that controlled the motion of electrons(current) in the influence of temperature across the p-n junction. vt=T/11600 where T should be in "k"
shows that if there is large variation in temperature cause small change in thermal voltage. this equation is also shows the relation between electric current and electric potential difference across the p-n junction.

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