19 Jan 2019

Should we let go of our homepage at CrazyEngineers?

I was wondering if we should let go of the homepage we have on CrazyEngineers. Instead, maybe show some latest activity happening on the site so that new users know what to expect on CE. 

Right now, it's a simple static page that shows how many members we have and who joined recently. Perhaps that could change and we could show a much more vibrant page with all the latest activity on the site.

What are your thoughts on this? 

19 Jan 2019

I agree.

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19 Jan 2019

... maybe let go of the character limit in posts?  😬 . I think we can do that. 

Abhishek Rawal

Abhishek Rawal

Electronics and Communication
20 Jan 2019

Yeah, showing latest 5 activities of apps would be nice.

please bring back /recent-activity context back :D

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