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  • avik

    MemberAug 6, 2008

    Re: Should sonia shld become PM of India or not?

    i wil gve my suggestion on this topic later.....i want u all guys to gve suggestion first.....
    The gandhis have been in power since independence startin frm nehru to rajeev they have done a fair job no matter how much u criticise them, sonia seems to be a very strong woman who had to go thru phases dat saw the death of her mother in law and unarguably da most dynamic leaders country had.It was soon followed by her husband's death.Still after such hostiklity been shown she resurrected family's fortune and they are back in reckoning again,be it herself or her son rahul also a MP and potential PM she is a sheer display of true hybrid indo-italian stamina.She's got a good mind and we all know even though manmohan singh was PM he was no king and it was sonia calling the shots.She displayed her powress by not takin the charge herself as nobody would have opposed , her mastremind political skills stamina courage have proved her mettle as a great leader😁people she is goin to do it, they just sealed the deal with this nuclear deal.
    Are you sure? This action cannot be undone.
  • vijayrock

    MemberAug 21, 2008

    god plz save india!
    The present indian government is not worried about the inflation,terrorism and its effect on people.It has made a complete mockery on many issues.
    I think indians wont vote the present govt to power again.Not in the next election.But may be in the next next election.Becoz its either congress led front or BJP led front thats going to come to power.
    Are you sure? This action cannot be undone.
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