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@energy • 11 Apr, 2011
I m from IPU doin in electrical &electronics engg., n wanna join institute 'MadeEasy' for preparation with weekend course.I asked many seniors if I should join this at end of this 2nd year or end of 3rd year, but replies were mixed.
So, please help!
@Kaustubh Katdare • 11 Apr, 2011 It depends on your time-table. I'd suggest you should join it in 3rd year. Why are you confused anyway? The earlier you start the more time you get for preparation.
@yadavundertaker mohit • 11 Apr, 2011 it depend on your patience.if you join in 3rd year then you will be beneficial because they can not complete the whole EEE course in 6-8 months in weekend batches. I also joined the MADE EASY weekend classes. and personally i think if i take coaching in my 3rd year then i can improve my GATE score from 45.67. well all the best for your preparation
@narayana murthy • 11 Apr, 2011 yes buddy taking training before is a good job even you can learn some topics before your course get ready
@CIVILPRINCESS • 11 Apr, 2011 join at the start of 3rd year that way you can have a trial in GATE during the February of your 3rd year and you can know the right preparation strategies for you attempt during the final year. 😀
@MAULIK_GANDHI • 11 Apr, 2011 • 2 likes Start earliest

1. Gate syllabus mostly contains subjects till 5-6 th semester so all subjects will be in your near memory... you can better prepare in 3rd year, In final year you have to recall all the things from first year to 3rd year.
2. Evenif you have confidence that you can do it just in 1 yr start in 3rd year. If you make it in 3rd year Enjoy your final year without any tension and if you cant then it will be trial gate exam and that experience will guide you to get best score in final year.
3. Even if you work hard many things depend on luck so if u make silly mistakes in exam (like i did) you have another year to get your goals.
In my experience, i got 1172 rank in 3rd year and with the same effort i got 61 rank in final year so start earliest.

Early you start, more you practice.
All the best.
@energy • 11 Apr, 2011 thanks all f u for ur suggestions😀
@The_big_k: i wa confused just due to mixed suggesstions of my seniors. Now that i hv consulted some gate crackers like mr. Gandhi here, so i have made my mind to start now.
@maulik_gandhi: MadeEasy is starting its weekend batches from 29 may for electrical. in jiasarai....hows that?

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