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@Kaustubh Katdare • 23 Oct, 2008
The topic has been discussed many times elsewhere. Let's discuss it on CE Forums.

Developing countries have bigger problems to deal with : Poverty, Education, Population Control, Infrastructure ... the list is long!

Do you think developing countries should invest time & money in exploring the space?
@Differential • 23 Oct, 2008 YES, they must !
Because its not just limited to exploring a space. Its about a race of gaining control over space which is inevitable ! The countries like America have gone far away in space science ! Even I have heard they have satellites which can read time in your wristwatch ! If a country has to be more self dependant for its millitary it has to explore advanced science ! and I remeber someone said that next world war will be played in space ! Now I don't like and support wars but you know in cases they become inevitable ! So a country cannot afford of remaining back in space science !

If I'm not wrong, same question was asked when India took missile projects. But now it can be seen that it was a right thing.

Moreover part of the missions can be commercialized and you can get revenue by launching other country's satellites, renting satellites. This area will also create jobs.
@Ashraf HZ • 23 Oct, 2008 Im not sure if you guys realised, but I just posted about the Lunar probe launched by India recently:

I expected some responses, seeing as many CEans are from India! 😛 And look out for the Lunar rover a couple of years down the road.

Space missions are always a good thing. In the US, things have advanced so far that even private companies have launched their own rockets into orbit (eg SpaceX).

As differential mentioned, its not good to be left behind in the space race. Who says only developed nations have the sovereign right in space? 😉

Look at it from a national point of view. Indigenous space programs require a lot of supporting industries from electronics, aeronautics, chemical, etc. A space mission is pretty much a prime mover for development in the industry, which benefits the country's economy and society.
@Differential • 23 Oct, 2008 adding to what I said earlier, who knows, in future, we may get some work offshored in space science too ! 😉
@Ashraf HZ • 23 Oct, 2008 off shored or off-space? 😉

I wonder what it's like to live in space in the long term. Might be boring to stare out into the blankness! Unless they start planting trees, animals, a weather system, lakes, etc on board the space station!
@gohm • 04 Nov, 2008 I would disagree, short of having people help in space exploration of other nat'l/int'l programs (astronauts, engineers, workers, etc), developing countries need to focus their efforts and expense on important basic needs. (and maybe so should other nations?) Hunger, education, homelessness, jobs, etc. need to be solved first before an "extra curricular" activity like space exploration which is still in its infancy as we cannot successfully routinely explore our own moon yet.

I don't think we have satellites that can read your watch, we can't even find Bin Laden... laugh.
@durga ch • 21 Nov, 2008 I personally dont think that a country's investment should be depending on country;s internal problem.Investment infact needs to be in independent individual fields and mutaully exclusive😁

Gov. has already made its budget to manage the other problems of poverty, lower literacy rate , they are internal to INDIA,mitigating them ..INDIA will not be a part of world race!!!

But competing in par with super powers is really what sends out a signal to rest of world on a global platform...saying" We are as good as you!!! dont mess with us!!" 😁
@sauravgoswami • 23 Nov, 2008 developing countries should invest,but that shud not be a tp priority,In India the fund for space development is utilise that is enough,other fund all go waste....but we shouldnt show-off at the cost of basic ammenities
@driimzz • 28 Nov, 2008 I think the developing countrie can invest but not at tha expence of developmental programs like education, poverty allivation, health services, job creations and so on. In a light a country's investment in space race develops the technical know how of the people in the community and also makes them competitive in the global world..
@aashima • 21 Dec, 2008 Well if the country's budget plan is in accordance with the schedule and the revenues still provide surplus resources, investing in space research should not be an issue. One has to be in race with the technology and be a part of the latest developments rather just making use of the developments made by other nations.
Though, when internal issues crave for financial assistance, and space research is being done at their cost, the idea doesn't sounds appealing.

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