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prabhat kumar
prabhat kumar • Jul 16, 2008

server programing

hello every one u kindly help me.i m intrested to server programing.i don't know wat is method for running jdbc code. if take any code througe jsp and else show error.i can;t understand where i write the code of java and run.i m programing j2sdk.please reply
prakash.athani • Jul 16, 2008
Hey Prabhat,

Are u trying to make jdbc connection in a JSP page? In that case u need a web server such as Tomcat server. U can download tomcat server from this url
gauravtiwari89 • Jul 25, 2008

The jdbc connections in jsp are made in the same way as in rest of the java, nothing different
Use the "<% ....%>" tags in jsp to write write your jdbc code. But it is generally recommended you code the jdbc connections in the servlet rather than the java server page.
prabhat kumar
prabhat kumar • Dec 18, 2008
hey thanks to both of u.

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