Series of propeller shaft-What will be the loss?

Hi CEans ,

I had a chance to see a truck having more than one propeller shaft and my question related to it was though the propeller shaft is connected to the differential by the help of a universal joint , How does they connect and transmit power if they employ more than one propeller shaft? Do they use same universal joint or any other one? How much the power loss will be there if we use more than one propeller shaft? What is the need to use more than one propeller shaft?

Another one-

consider a single gear is used to run another gear by a motor.If the driven acts as a input to another gear and this series continues to more gears, Does it produce more output for given input or the power is evenly distributed?


  • zaveri
    If the motor shaft is connected to the final driven shaft though a series of gears, then the power loss will be proportional to the number of gears used in the series.

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